Qatari Companies - How to Overcome COVID-19

What Qatari Companies Need to Know About Banking Facilities to Overcome COVID-19

What is this Guarantee Program?
The COVID-19 Guarantee Program is a 100% financing scheme of the authorities to help mitigate Corovnavirus impacts on companies by relieving the most critical short-term payments private sector companies will face during the next 3 months (April, May and June 2020) especially salaries and rent payments

What components are financed by this program?
  • Staff payroll as per the Wage Protection System (WPS) registry for a period of up to 3 months paid on a monthly basis.
  • Rental payments (restaurant, salon, factory, retail outlet, warehouse, and employee's accommodation rent) for a period of up to 3 months.

Who is eligible for this program?
100% privately owned companies incorporated under the regulation applicable to Qatar, with valid commercial registration and license or other certification to prove incorporation and operation, which have been impacted negatively by COVID-19.

Who is excluded from this program?
Companies operating (or fully depending) on the sectors of real estate, construction or contracting as indicated on valid commercial registration.

Can one Qatari Partner apply for one or many of his companies?
Application will be limited to one loan per Qatari National's ID and per CR. Each Qatari obligator is eligible to apply for only 1 company where his shares are 10% or greater.  (each Qatari is eligible to benefit for one of his/her CRs). 

Can Qatari companies with foreign parent companies submit applications?
Any company registered in Qatar with a minimum ownership of 10% by Qatari nationals will be eligible.

What is the total guarantee amount per company?
Each application will be assessed with maximum financing allowed per beneficiary company up to  QAR 2.5 million per month for a period of 3 months (not exceeding QAR 7.5 million in total) based on the actual amounts of employee salaries and rental payments.

Is there any limitations of these loans?
No limitations on paying rents as long as the amount is within the market's prices and is justified by a rental agreement.
Monthly employee salaries not to exceed QAR 10,000 per employee/ per month.

What is the Loan tenor and rates?
Loan Tenor will be maximum 3 years.
  1. If loan amount is fully repaid during the first 6 months, no interest rate will be charged. 
  2. If financing is fully repaid during 7-12 months, customer will be charged Qatar Central Bank's Lending Rate + 1% yearly interest.
  3. If financing is fully repaid during 1 to 2 years, customer will be charged Qatar Central Bank's Lending Rate + 2% yearly interest.
Each commercial bank in Qatar maintains the right to extend loan period and revise interest at our discretion for loans from 2-3 years.

What are the required documents and collaterals?
  • Valid Commercial Registration
  • Valid Computer Card
  • Valid QID copies of national and foreign partner(s)
  • Valid passport copy for non-Qatari partner(s) is accepted if they don't have Qatari ID.
  • Personal guarantee and personal cheques issued by the company obligator covering 100% of the amount of financing
  • Audit reports for last 2 years (optional depending on each commercial bank)
  • Proof of most recent WPS disbursement in the last 3 months (for payroll support)
  • Rental Contract copy and proof of rental payments of last month (for rental support)
  • Active bank account for more than 1 year (at the commercial bank)
  • New Credit Bureau Report (for both the Company and for each of the partners)
  • Less than 3 returned cheques on account over last 6 months
  • Updated Bank account documentation

How will funds be disbursed to beneficiaries?
After studying and approving the submitted documents:
  1. Disbursement to be made directly to the company employees through the WPS mechanism on a monthly basis based on the submitted WPS list.
  2. If rental fees were not waived by the landlord or the government, rental payments will be made directly to the landlord’s account based on the rental agreement to be provided in support of the rental payment computation.

How can companies apply for the COVID-19 National Guarantees Response program?
If your company is eligible, please forward all above-mentioned required documents to your Relationship Manager at the bank for review. Relationship manager will forward Application form to customers who are eligible and considered approved for the loan. At most of the banks, the application can be submitted by e-mail

Who can I reach out to incase I need more information/ help with this program?
We advise you to reach out to your Relationship Manager or your WPS bank..