Mohammad A. Al Mohanadi Law Firm lawyers and Legal Consultants is one of the leading Qatari law firms in the state of Qatar. " Standing out from the Crowd" is our slogan and reveals our business and demarcation.

The state of Qatar is witnessing an unprecedented and exceptional rise in the economy. It is being classified as one of the most expanding and escalating business in the Arab world and it represents the target to achieve for any businessman who intends to make investments and dealings. This economic climb in the economic activity undeniably needs the urge for legal services and advice to ensure the smooth and effective operation of its activities, in an effective and professional way.

our policy is to provide phenomenal services at an extremely affordable price. We aim to achieve this by fully understanding the market and its needs and we put in service all our inquiries and resources to identifying these needs and gratifying them in a suitable and efficient way.

A law firm’s primary concern is to provide services to its clients, enlighten them about their legal rights and responsibilities, advise them of what is suitable for their interests, and work jointly to achieve the best results. Communication, good relationships and legal assistance are primordial to gratify the clients’ needs, and simplify their business transactions.

From these values, beliefs, and principles, our law firm has the combination of a strong client base and highly qualified 20 international lawyers team, composed of a Partner, 2 Associates, 15 Legal Experts and 2 Counselors divided into 2 Departments (Corporate Department and Consultation, and Litigation Department).

Our Firm specializations and areas of practice are in the fields of Corporate and Commercial Law, Civil Law, Criminal Law, Civil Status Law, Real Estates Law, Insurance Law, Administrative and Constitutional Law, Labor Law, Banking and Contracting, we provide our Clients with various types of services ranging from Consultancies to representing them in litigation (Court Cases, Mediation and Arbitration).

And for the first time in Doha in one of a kind specialization in law firms in Qatar our law firm is specialized in all kind of sports legal issues (legal assistance, legal consultation, legal representation before the specialized sports courts and committees) our firm has a wide knowledge in FIFA status, rules and regulations, sports arbitration in Geneva and worldwide sports laws and regulations; our law firm is appointed and representing local and international clubs, coaches and players in all their sports connected legal issues.