The Declaration of Signed Contracts Become Mandatory and Eligible

Referring to Article (37) of Executive Decision no. 39 for 2019 related to the Income Tax Law no.24 for 2018, the declaration of signed contracts become mandatory and eligible if one of the two conditions below is applicable:


  • Any contract signed between a local company and a non-resident individual(s) and/or non-resident companies whatsoever is the amount of such contract.
  • Contracts signed between local companies and local residents and/or companies:
  • If the contract's Net Value reached a minimum of 200,000 QAR - for Services
  • If the Contract's Net Value reached a minimum of 500,000 QAR - for Construction and Supply

Contracts above should be filed on Dhareeba Portal within thirty (30) days of contract's signature by both parties. Failure to file such contracts is subject for late reporting penalties of 10,000 QAR per contract.

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